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Overview / User Interface

User Interface

HEIC Photo Viewer is a streamlined HEIC image viewing solution that helps Windows users to view and make changes to HEIC images. With it, you can rotate, flip and zoom images. Also, you can copy the image and its path to avoid sifting through the PC.

HEIC Photo Viewer

Professional HEIC Photo Viewer Tool:

  1. Drag and drop the HEIC file or select a file from the folder.

  2. Click the Image tab to rotate or flip HEIC images.

  3. Copy the image or its path by clicking the Edit tab and use it wherever you want.

  4. For better viewing, fit the image to the screen.

  5. Save the updated image.

Overview / System Requirements

System Requirements

HEIC Photo Viewer answers the HEIC image viewing issue on Windows. It helps view and perform basic editing.

Operating System:

Windows 11/10 (Both 32 & 64 bit)


1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or more


1 GB

Disk Space:

250 megabytes (MB)

Getting Started / Launch the Application

Launch HEIC Photo Viewer

After installing HEIC Photo Viewer, to view HEIC files on Windows using it, follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + S and type HEIC Photo Viewer in the search field. Select the best result to run the application.

HEIC Photo Viewer

2. You will now see the home screen of the application. Here, you can drag and drop HEIC file or select file from a folder.

HEIC Photo Viewer

Getting Started / Add Folder/Add HEIC Images

Add Folder / Add HEIC Images

You can add images to the viewer through drag and drop or from a folder.

1. Drag and drop the HEIC file or click Select File to access the folder where the files are saved.

HEIC Photo Viewer

2. Once the image is added you can view it without installing any additional plug-in.

HEIC Photo Viewer

Getting Started / Rotate or Flip HEIC Images

Rotate or Flip HEIC Images

Rotate and flip options make changing orientation and alignment easy. You can decide whether to rotate clockwise, anticlockwise, or flip the image horizontally or vertically.

HEIC Photo Viewer
HEIC Photo Viewer

1.   Rotate Image

HEIC Photo Viewer

Click the Image tab and select from the rotate option to change the image orientation clockwise or counterclockwise.

2.   Flip the Image

HEIC Photo Viewer

If the image orientation is perfect but the alignment is problematic, you can choose to flip it horizontally or vertically. Click the Image tab to select from the given options.

Getting Started / Copy Image or Copy Image Path

Copy Image or Copy Image Path

After altering the image orientation and alignment, you can copy the image or its path & use it.

1.    Copy Image: To copy the HEIC image and use it in another application, click the Edit tab > select Copy Image and paste it anywhere.

HEIC Photo Viewer

2.    Copy As Path: Sifting through the system to find the HEIC file is tedious. HEIC Photo Viewer handles this problem smartly. Once the image is added, click Edit and select Copy as Path. This will give you the image path that you can use to insert an image in another application or edit it.

HEIC Photo Viewer
HEIC Photo Viewer

Getting Started / Save HEIC File

Save HEIC File

Once changes to the HEIC file are done, save it with a new name. Click File > Save As > Give it a new name, and that's it.

HEIC Photo Viewer
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