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Apps for Windows Apps for Windows Apps for Windows Apps for Windows

Apps for Windows.

It is our constant endeavour to offer the best and most essential apps to maintain your Windows System. Do check out these incredibly useful programs for Windows that will keep your PC running like it's fresh out of the box. Be it optimizing, protecting or file recovery, we have you covered. With most of our clients and users based in North America, Europe and Asia, our aim is to expand our business across the globe.

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Apps for Mac Apps for Mac

Apps for Mac.

Tweaking Technologies also caters to Mac users and has several optimization and security apps for the Mac platform. Forget all hassles, our easy to use apps and utilities are sure to enhance your experience and system performance.

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Apps for iPhone Apss for iPhone

Apps for iPhone.

Is Optimization not your cup of tea? Try our utility apps to get the best out of your iOS devices and smartphones.

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Apps for Android Apps for Android

Apps for Android.

We understand it takes considerable time and effort to maintain an Android Phone. Choose from our wide array of apps to make your Android optimized, organized and secure all the time.

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Gaming Apps.

We not only excel at creating utility apps but also know how to have some fun! Explore our fun and innovative games to get wholesome entertainment experience. Watch out for this space for some amazing games about to be launched!


Artificial Intelligence.

The world wants AI to acquire all 5 human senses, to assist humanity in every possible way. Sight being the most effective sense for gaining insight, has plethora of domain applications. At Tweaking Technologies, we strive to empower security systems with AI, enabling them to understand their physical environment.


At Tweaking Technologies, we believe in simplifying digital devices without compromising on performance. It is our passion and enthusiasm to build the most user friendly yet practical apps to ensure a wholesome mobile and computer experience. We are proud that our apps can be used with utmost ease by novices and professionals alike. We have a diverse range of products, including, those for photography, music, device security and cloud backup etc. Our teams constantly work on adding more system optimization utilities to our products and making them practical for computer and smartphone users across the globe.


At Tweaking Technologies, we don't just create bits and pixels, we give life to innovative ideas and thoughts. We are passionate about the things we do, which is why we are able to create top notch products and have carved a niche for ourselves in the software industry. Become our wings and fly; see your dreams come to life at Tweaking.