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windows Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro is a tool that helps clean duplicates stored on your Mac and in Photos Library. Using this excellent duplicate photo clearing tool, you can detect and clean exact matches and similar matching pictures from your Mac. This makes your Mac clutter-free and helps recover space taken up by unwanted duplicate photographs.
To scan your Mac for duplicates and similar-looking images, follow these steps:
  • Download and install Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro.
  • Once installed, launch the tool to remove duplicate & similar photos.
  • Next, add photographs using either of the three buttons:
    • Add Photos - allows adding photos stored in different folders.
    • Add Photos Library -scan Photos Library by granting access to Duplicate Photo Fixer.
    • Add Folder - add a complete folder filled with photos for scanning for duplicate and similar images.
  • After adding pictures to scan, select the comparison method to check photos -
    • Exact Match - detect exact replicas of images.
    • Similar Match (Recommended) - detects similar images with edits and slight modification. To get better results, using the Similar Match option is suggested.

      Note - Similar Match option allows adjusting matching criteria. This gives more control over the type of similar images that will be identified.

    • Once all the changes are done, select the type of images you would like to scan - Captured or Imported (Photos Library) and the duration before clicking Scan for Duplicates.

      Captured - scans images based on the captured date.

      Imported Photos Library only - scans images imported to Photos Library only.

      However, if you want to scan all images, check the box next to Scan all Images.

    • Now that all the settings are done click Scan for Duplicates and wait for the operation to finish.
    • Review scan results and mark the duplicates you would like to clean. Using the slider, you can alter the Matching Level, and beneath each image, you will see its Metadata.
    • To auto-select duplicates, use the Auto Mark option (magic wand icon). If you have hundreds of thousands of duplicates, this option makes selection quick and easy. Also, you can customize Auto Mark Rules from the Preference window.
    • Once done, review marked items and click Trash Marked.
    • Confirm the operation by clicking Trash Photos. The selected images will then be moved to Bin.

      That's it; using these simple steps, you can clean duplicate and similar-looking images from your Mac.

Yes, using the Time Interval option, you can detect and delete images clicked in burst mode. To use it, follow the steps below:
  • Launch Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro
  • Add the images using either of the options - ''Add Photos,'' ''Add Photos Library,'' or ''Add Folder.''
  • From the right pane of the application, select the ''Similar Matched (Recommended)'' option.
  • Navigate to ''Time Interval'' and adjust the slider as per your requirement. Using it, you can compare photos clicked within 24 hours or less (as shown in the screenshot below).
  • Next, click the ''Scan for Duplicates'' button and wait for the process to finish.
  • You will now get photos clicked within the selected time interval.

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Yes, when you choose the Similar Matches option, Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro detects slightly edited photos.
The following are detected as similar photos:
  • Photos shot in quick succession (burst mode).
  • Slightly edited images.
  • Photos with different contrast, color, or brightness level.
  • Identical photos clicked within the last 24 hours.
  • Pictures clicked within a distance of 100 meters.
No, Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro doesn't delete photos permanently. This best duplicate image finder moves selected duplicate and similar images to Bin. This gives you a window to recover pictures if you think you have mistakenly removed them.

Note: - To recover disk space and for best results, we recommend you delete these photos from Bin.

Please note, Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro detects duplicate and similar images based on the signature. The tool doesn't identify them based on visual similarity or similarity in their name. There might be cases when the pictures look alike or have the same name, but their signature will differ. In such cases, to avoid accidental deletion of non-duplicate items, Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro doesn't detect or delete them.

Yes, a significant amount of disk space (depending on the size of duplicate photos) is recovered after cleaning duplicates.

Note: Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro moves deleted duplicate photos to Bin. This means to recover space; you have to clean the bin.

Yes, Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro identifies duplicate video when you use the Exact Match option.

To ensure the setting is enabled follow these steps:

  • Launch Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro
  • Click Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro > Preferences
  • Click the General tab.
  • Here make sure the option next to Scan video files in Exact Match, is marked.
  • once that is confirmed, close the Preference box > add the videos to scan > select Exact Match > click Scan for Duplicates.
  • Review scan results and remove duplicate videos.
Automark preferences are the rules that decide which photos to select and which to keep unmarked. This helps ensure one copy in each group based on the preferences is unmarked.

To access Automark Preferences, follow these steps:

  • Launch Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro
  • Click Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro from Menu bar > Preferences. (as shown in the screenshot below) :
  • Click the Auto Mark tab and set the rules (priority) for AutoMark.

To edit Automark Preferences, follow these steps:

  • Launch Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro
  • Click Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro from Menu bar > Preferences. (as shown in the screenshot below) :
  • Click the Auto Mark tab and set the rules (priority) for AutoMark.

For e.g. To AutoMark images based on Capture Date followed by Modification Date and so on, you need to select the rule you wish to change and drag it. This will reposition the priority and the images will now be auto marked accordingly (refer to the screenshot below).

When you select a library to scan for duplicates and clean them a folder named Duplicate Marked Photos is created under Photos Library. To remove it follow these steps:
  • Launch Photos Library
  • Look for Duplicate Marked Folder in the right pane.
  • Select the photos you see there > Right click and press the Option Key > this will change remove 2 Photos from Album option to Delete 2 Photos > click on it to remove duplicates.
    2 is the number of selected photos.

    Note: To delete duplicate marked photos, you need to keep the Options key pressed. If you leave it the photos will not be removed.

    Note: If you think that deleting an album can help, then remember deleting the album will not delete automarked duplicates. You need to delete them using the steps mentioned above.

  • Once this is done, you will see deleted photos under the Recently Deleted folder. From here you can either select and delete them or can just leave these photos there, as they will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

To add a folder to the exclusion list follow these steps:

  • Launch Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro
  • Click Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro > Preferences
  • Select Exclusions tab > click the + icon to add a folder and - to delete it

Filter & Sort helps select or unselect a File type to scan.

  • Launch Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro
  • Click Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro > Preferences
  • Select Filter & Sort and check/uncheck file types to filter photos being added to scan.