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windows Duplicate Files Fixer

The more you download and copy files on your system, the more are the chances of duplicate files on your Mac.
To delete duplicate files, add the desired files/folders to Duplicate Files Fixer's scan list and click on ''Scan for Duplicates'' button. The software will search the duplicate files for you.
There is no way you can delete the duplicate files on your system effectively on your own. Duplicate Files Fixer makes the deletion process easy for you.
Yes, this free duplicate file finder lets you remove 15 duplicate files for free. Try this free duplicate cleaner for yourself now!
Duplicate Files Fixer is the best duplicate music file finder and remover tool that supports all audio file formats.
Duplicate Files Fixer detects all kinds of file formats like text, audio, video, and all static photo formats.
You can just drag and drop the relevant folder which you want to scan with this Duplicate Finder.
Duplicate Files Fixer's default setting ensures that original source copies are untouched. However, if you feel some important file has been deleted by mistake, you can use the UNDO button to retrieve it.
Duplicate Files Fixer is the best duplicate video file finder and remover tool to find all video file formats such as MP4, 3gp, mpeg, flv,avi, wmv, wma, wav. Delete duplicate videos easily with this app.